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Denim: The Perfect Consignment Package

I’m working on an upcoming denim bar popup and I'm thinking about how a good pair of jeans makes for the ideal all-in-one consignment package. Why? Let’s discuss:

1. Sustainability: According to Levi Strauss, 3,781 liters of water are used during the production and use phase of one pair of 501® jeans and 33.4 kg of CO2 is created throughout its lifetime (Fashion Rev) Certainly, there are brands that have become more innovative with their production techniques, but the numbers are still shocking CONSIGNMENT BENEFIT ONE: Absolutely you are doing a good thing for our environment when you choose reused denim rather than buying new.

2. Cost to purchase/Market Saturation: Why is good denim so dang expensive? $$$. It’s because we have proven that we will pay for it. Jeans are a uniform for so many of us and we’ll pay for a pair that hits just so in all the right places. BUT the second that denim walks out of the store...the second that season is over, the price drops dramatically. There is such a saturation of denim—GOOD denim in the market—that even the best brands just don’t hold their value. CONSIGNMENT BENEFIT TWO: You can score amazing jeans for a fraction of the retail cost!

3. Denim Ages Well: Denim was MADE to withstand hard work, hence it lasts better and longer than almost any other thing in our closets. Denim also ages well—have you ever noticed that your favorite pair of jeans seems to get better with age? CONSIGNMENT BENEFIT THREE: Good denim can stand the test of time and can be pre-worn and loved again. time you’re itching for a new pair of jeans, consider checking out your favorite consignment shop first. You may just find your new pair—and save a chunk of dough while you’re at it (oh, and the 🌍 too ) .

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