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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Real talk:  You know those Instagram fashion bloggers who post selfie mirror pics that look gorgeous and ethereal, yet somehow effortless all at the same time?  Like, they just happened to take a model-quality picture of their OOTD as they were breezing out the door?

Yeah, I can’t do that. Like, it’s humanly impossible for me to post a picture of myself in clothing in a mirror that actually would make anyone want to buy said piece.  It goes something like this: I think I’m looking good in the mirror, but then I don’t know how to hold the phone in a not-awkward-way and center the picture but not weirdly screw-up my face, and where do my eyes focus--on the mirror or on the phone?? Ugh, it’s not good.  It’s impossible. And comical. One day I’ll share my attempts...just kidding, I won’t.  

Here’s the thing though, there are some clothes that you absolutely want to see on a real human.  I refuse, absolutely, unequivocally ra-fuse to show brand photos for any of the pieces I sell.  Besides the obvious copyright issues, I just think it’s important for my customers to trust that what I’m selling is authentically portrayed, and that means showing the actual items as they are today.  

So what better way to show off the amazing pieces that my clients have entrusted me to share with all of you, than to model them on a real-life, actual, human person.  I’m so excited to have just photographed my first (of hopefully several) local friends who will be helping me showcase the incredible pieces my stylish clients have consigned to The Local Edit.  

Introducing the funny, down-to-earth, kind, generous and of course, beautiful, Kate Siamis.   We had a blast yesterday photographing a portion of the collection together, and I give her a massive amount of credit for being such a good sport as we navigated the joys of zippers and clips and poses and heels and me freaking out ("OMG, yes!  That's perfect!") when we had a good shot and forgetting to hold the camera still.

I hope the pictures that I take are helpful.  They are certainly not professional, but they are real and unedited and, hopefully, they will help to give you an idea of what these pieces look like on an actual person. You’ll find these modeled pics sprinkled on our Instagram (shoppable directly from the on the page) and within the items listed on this site, moving forward.  I won’t have all of the pieces in our collection modeled, but if you have any questions at any time about real-life fit, please contact me.  You may get lucky and get a personal mirror selfie clothing pic from me, that naturally, I’ll ask you to destroy immediately upon viewing (wink, wink).



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