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Introducing The Local Edit

We've always known how good it feels to clean out a closet.  To purge. To edit. Whatever label you've got for it, that feeling you get when you've shed the weight of excess clothing, or jewelry, or just STUFF.  You feel lighter and clean; ready to tackle the next project. If Marie Kondo has you thanking your Bryr Clogs for their service and bowing to your Chanel purse, offering a whisper of gratitude to your Elysess suede knee-high boots that just look so dang pretty in your closet but really when do you actually wear them--you know what I'm talking about.  

But what happens when you make that plunge.  Whether you've hired a professional organizer (like my rock star friend, Shira) or you've got the discipline to make your own edits, where does it all go?  Do you donate? Do you go through the effort of selling? Do you give to a friend? Or do you put them in a bag and neatly stow them away on a shelf because really who has the time?

Ok, well, I do.  Or, I've made the time, that is.  Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I really do love it.  The thrill of a sale, the hustle to get s**t done, and most importantly, the love of building relationships in my community, to me what could be better?  

I decided to create The Local Edit as a one-size-fits-all, easy consignment solution for my friends and surrounding community. My prime focus is on promoting sustainability through prolonging the life of quality, loved pieces while providing the opportunity to invest in new or gently used ones at a fraction of the retail cost--which anyone can buy, anywhere.

Let me help you with that next step.  Keep that joy going by letting me take care of post-edit.  You can feel good about giving new life to your treasured pieces and finding "new" loves to invest in along the way.  

Follow on Instagram for special promotions @thelocaledit_shop and be sure to sign up for the newsletter for the latest on featured collections, pop-ups and more. 

Happy shopping (and editing),


photo credit:  Vivian Johnson Photography for Shira Gill Home

One thought on “Introducing The Local Edit

  1. avatar Ashley says:

    So excited for you!!! Xoxo

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