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Stop Buying S**t.

*that you don’t need, want, doesn’t fit, is on sale, etc., etc., etc....

In this season of over-consumerism, when it’s so easy to make an impulse purchase with just one click from bed after a few glasses of vino (what, I’ve never done that! ) I thought I’d present my own Black Friday shopping strategy. Honestly, it’s pretty simple (And yeah, it can be summed up in those three words above.) So take a deep breath, grab a cozy drink, and let’s gooo: 

1. MAKE A PLAN: Assess what you have and make a list of what you need/desire. Otherwise, it’s like going to the grocery store before you’ve checked the pantry and you’re starving—a big no bueno. (Dang those ho-hos look GOOD!) Often we don’t realize what we already have and end up buying similar or even the same thing and/or we buy what we straight up don’t need and even forget we bought later. A key to resisting impulse buys is to have a set plan of what you’re looking for before you’re bombarded by ludicrous in-your-face promotions leading up to Black Friday and beyond.

2. BUY WHAT YOU LOVE: This one is pretty straightforward but maybe the most important. Whether it’s clothing or a piece of furniture for your home, ask yourself: “Do I LOVE this? Does this make me feel good?” Too often we buy what we *think* we should—Whether it’s an on-trend style, or it’s ridiculously on-sale. This also goes for pieces already in your closet (hello consignment!). If you don’t love it, move on. (Have to mention my good friend, Shira Gill here, she’s my North Star on this point especially)

3. BUY WELL: This is a much larger topic for another day when we’ll take a deep dive into Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion, but basically, try to resist the temptress that is cheap, poorly made, disposable clothing. One well-made piece is worth 10 cheap ones (in so many ways)

4. SHOP LOCAL: You know what’s awesome? Supporting local business owners who work their arses off everyday. Sometimes their prices can be more, sometimes less, but I guarantee they can greet you with a genuine smile and provide you with a level of service that’s leagues higher than anything you’ll get from behind a screen.

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