Consignor FAQs:

Q:  How does the consignment pickup work?  

A:  You may schedule a 15 minute consignment appointment by completing our online contact form.  You will receive an electronic consignor agreement to review and sign prior to your appointment.  We can answer questions about any individual pieces you have at that time, or just pick up and go.  

Q:  I haven't even looked at this bag of clothes in a while and I’m not sure what’s in there--is that ok?  There may be a sweatshirt and possibly a Coach purse from 1994 in there.

A:  Our shop carries current (purchased within the last 7 years) and very gently worn or new pieces that meet our aesthetic.  Most any brand that Anthropoligie carries will be accepted as well as small line designers and high-end designer labels.  Select items from larger stores such as Madewell, JCrew, Zara, etc. will also be considered.  Occasionally, classic designer-label items that are older than 7 years and that are in good to excellent condition will also be accepted.   

Q:  What happens to clothes that you decide not to accept?

A:  All pieces that are not accepted for consignment will be donated to our philanthropy partner or organization of choice unless otherwise specified by you at the point of consignment.   Read more about our phenomenal donation partner:  White Pony Express

Q:  I haven’t had a chance to get my clothes cleaned, is that ok?

A:  The Local Edit will be unable to accept any clothes that are not clean.  Clothes with stains, strong odors, makeup marks and/or evidence of the last meal you had while wearing, will not be accepted.  Please clean according to care instructions prior to consigning.

 Q:  How do you determine an item’s price?

A:  Price is determined by multiple factors:  original retail price, last retail sale price, current condition, market demand and market saturation.  

Q:  Do I have to spend my consignment commission in your shop?

A:  No, unlike many consignment shops, we do not require you to spend your money in our shop (though of course we'd love it!)  We think you should spend your money on your next loved piece anywhere you like.  We DO, however, provide additional shopping discounts for all of our consignors regardless of whether we have sold their items yet or not.  

Q:  How will you communicate with me about my consigned pieces?

A:  The Local Edit will share a spreadsheet with you that lists all items that have been consigned which includes all associated listing information.  This is a living document that you are welcome to view at any time to check in on the status of your pieces.  Comments will be enabled so that you can add your own notes at any time.  

Q.  How do your commission rates work?  How much will I get paid when you sell my pieces?  

A:  The Local Edit will calculate the commission (the “Commission”) you receive for each item of Property on a sliding scale at the following rates:  

  • 40%:  Sales below $199
  • 50%:  Sales between $200-$599
  • 60%:  Sales between $600-$999
  • 70%:  Sales $1000 and above


Buyer FAQs

Q:  What happens if I have any additional questions about an online item I’m thinking of buying?

A:  Please email and we’ll try to help!  

Q:  Can I try before I buy?

A:  As an online operation, we do not have a brick and mortar shop.  However, If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area and you would like to stop by and try on any specific items, or you would like to set up an appointment to have a curated style session, we can do that too.  Email to make the arrangements.  

Q:  How do your popups work?  Can I schedule one at my house with friends?

A:  Absolutely!  The Local Edit is happy to bring a curated pop-up to you for your next cocktail party, book club, or any get together with friends.  Please allow 2 months advance notice to book as our stock is limited. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for local pop-up annoucements  and follow us on Instagram @thelocaledit_shop.  

Q:  Do you do any pop-ups for charity?  

A:  Yes!  The Local Edit is all about supporting our local community.  Please e-mail to make arrangements.

Q:  How do returns work?

A:  In-person purchases are final sale. Online items may be returned if they meet the following criteria:

  • Item is eligible for a return
  • Return request made to within 14 days of shipment date and must show proof that item did not meet online description
  • Item must be received within 21 days of shipment date
  • Items received after 21 days or missing tag cannot be returned. These items are eligible for consignment OR will be returned to customer at customer's expense. 

Please visit our returns page to learn more or reach out to for additional questions.

Q:  I’m located out of state--can you ship to me?

A:  The Local Edit ships anywhere within the continental United States.  Check out our shipping policy here.

Q:  How do you source your items?  Where do the new ones come from?

A:  Our clothing is sourced from local individuals who have consigned with The Local Edit as well as overstock and end of season pieces from local boutiques such as Flaunt Boutique in Danville, Ca. 

Additional questions?  Please contact